Red Heaven performed a one-hour online benefit show on Tuesday and raised enough money for 407 hot meals for Kenyan students at the Live and Learn In Kenya (LLK) Center in Nakuru, as well as for local children living in poverty who the school provides with meals and educational activities. The kids made this adorable video thanking us for the help.

Marie Claire Saindon looked like a leather-clad Nosferatu as she did take after take for our upcoming video, “Electron.” This is just a little taste… #Echolocation #Electron


Here’s the second part to today’s video shoot for Red Heaven’s (@redheavenlive) song, “Electron.” And yes, that’s an ironing board. #Echolocation #Electron


I know you haven’t heard much from Red Heaven lately… so let me share this with you: The video for our song, “Electron,” starts shooting today. I’m excited. #Echolocation #Electron


It’s done. Grab it on Friday from #200yearsalbum


Crimson Seas: A preview from 200 Years

Enjoy Crimson Seas, a track from Red Heaven’s upcoming CD 200 Years, to be released on October 20 and don’t forget to come to our show in Ottawa or Almonte… or both (keep your eyes here for details).

Red Heaven Podcast #4: 200 Years & Chicken McNuggets


That Which We Seek Is Seeking Us

Ladies and gentlemen, the fourth track release from my band Red Heaven’s new album, Echolocation: “That Which We Seek Is Seeking Us.”

Free to stream, pay what you want to download.

Fat Guy In A Hawaiian Shirt

Ladies and gentlemen, the third track release from my band Red Heaven’s new album, Echolocation. This one is called “Fat Guy In A Hawaiian Shirt.”

Free to stream, pay what you want to download, banging your head strongly encouraged.

Café Deckuff: Mistakes Were Made