Red Heaven X

Remember how I’ve been telling everyone to hold the night of March 19 open? Well, here’s why: Red Heaven X. A live, on-stage concert with the full band, video live-streamed on Friday, March 19, to celebrate ten years of Red Heaven music.

One Year Of Echolocation

One year ago today on January 1, 2020, Red Heaven released our most ambitious album to date: Echolocation. 15 hard rock songs and 71 minutes of music. Available now on Bandcamp: (and as always, pay whatever you want… but because today is Bandcamp Day, 100% of all the money goes directly to the artist – meaning me)

Coming Soon: The Ever Turning Wheel

Like the other album project I’m working on, Meanwhile (more on that later), I’m far enough into production of a new album that it’s time to tell you about The Ever Turning Wheel.

It’s an album of all-original music featuring Mike McNeil (drums), Aaron Ferrera (drums), Olga Zoubkova (vocals), Joel Tamas (guitars, basses, vocals), and will be a more mystical, downbeat vibe when compared to Echolocation which we we released earlier this year. Lots of songs Red Heaven fans already know, like “Ordinary People,” “I Could Love You Better,” “Mi Amigo,” “The Closest Thing To Love,” and lots more (including some you haven’t heard yet).

It’s not time to set a release date just yet, so let’s just say you’ll most likely be listening to The Ever Turning Wheel before the winter snow is gone.

(Quick question, Second Life fans… does anyone recognize the wheel in the pic? 🙂 )

Life Without You

Surprise: Just like that, Red Heaven is releasing a new video tonight… but not from the latest album. This is from 2015’s Moth. A bit of a throwback, but I’ve been looking forward to sharing it with you. Hope you enjoy it (and please share it around if you like it).

Performing Online for LLK

In five minutes (4PM EST/1PM PST) Im starting a show online (free to listen) to support the kids of the Live & Learn Institute of Nakuru, Kenya. You can listen in at
If you want to contribute, you can email-transfer (in Canada):
If you prefer PayPal:
And if you dont want to contribute and you just want to listen, thats okay too. 🙂