That Which We Seek Is Seeking Us

Ladies and gentlemen, the fourth track release from my band Red Heaven’s new album, Echolocation: “That Which We Seek Is Seeking Us.”

Free to stream, pay what you want to download.

Fat Guy In A Hawaiian Shirt

Ladies and gentlemen, the third track release from my band Red Heaven’s new album, Echolocation. This one is called “Fat Guy In A Hawaiian Shirt.”

Free to stream, pay what you want to download, banging your head strongly encouraged.

Café Deckuff: Mistakes Were Made



This is the second track from Red Heaven’s “Echolocation” is released. It’s my deepest foray into heavy metal and prog-rock yet and I’m not going to lie: I’m very proud of this one. It features guest appearances by wonderful musicians Olga Zee and Marie-Claire Saindon. Mixed and mastered by Andrew Tokuda.

Check out Electron.

Café Deckuff 2


Red Heaven @ Café Deckuff on Friday Night

Got plans for your Friday night? Damn right you do.

Red Heaven’s Third Ever Podcast


First Echolocation Track Released: War Pigs

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the first song from Echolocation by Red Heaven: “War Pigs.”

Oh lord, yeah.

The Little Temple Now Available


Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy Red Heaven’s new three-song EP release, “The Little Temple.” Available free for streaming, pay-what-you-want for download.

1,000 Red Dresses

I love this country and I love being Canadian. And today I want the fireworks to fly, the music to blare, and the barbecues to fire up. Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate! We’re one of the most respected countries in the world and, according to some polls, the most respected.
We’re also a diverse family with unresolved problems and a lot of hard work to do. The Indigenous people of Canada were displaced and subjugated through violence and deceit, and that is how Canada transformed from their homeland into their prison and crucible. To celebrate Canada demands a recognition of the many miles left in our journey to create a united and peaceful nation… and the enormity of suffering that takes place until we make that journey.
In Canada, suicide rates among Native youth between 15 and 24 is six times higher than that of non-Native youth.
Canada’s last residential school closed in 1996… just one year before my daughter was born.
Native women are five times as likely to be murdered or go missing than non-Native women.
I’m sharing a song I wrote called “1,000 Red Dresses” today because I believe the only way to mark this historic Canada Day is to be grateful for the good and to open our eyes to the remaining, persistent challenges of helping this country reach its potential greatness.