Red Heaven is an Ottawa-based band, founded in 2011 and currently comprised of four members: Joel WC Tamas (lead vocals & guitar), Tom McMahon (bass), Mike McNeil (drums), and Rachelle Behrens (vocals). The sound is mostly rock/hard rock with tones of Indian and Arabic music, and there are a lot of side trips into blues, jazz, and metal. Red Heaven is just as likely to rock an acoustic house concert as peel the paint off the walls at a rock club. In fact, you can even catch Red Heaven shows online several times a week.



We have two rock albums: Amplification (2013) and Moth (2015). We’re currently working on a new collaboration with Californian musician/producer DigitalDroo on an album called Echolocation, due out later this year. If you’re hungry for more you can always check out our Soundcloud page.

Red Heaven also produces ambient/world-style “devotional/meditation” music, and our first EP, a five-song collection called The Undivided Heart (2016), is available for free download.

Download MP3 copies of our sample tracks here.


A few of our best videos…



Contact Us

84 Johanna St
Almonte, Ontario

(613) 552-9970